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Are you a good friend? James Avramenko (poet, performer) wants to know. Every week he invites guests from his Facebook friend list to try to answer the question. They discuss their past, what friendship means in the world of social media, how to be a better friend, and whatever else might come up in the conversation. At the end of the episode they unfriend from Facebook and decide how (or sometimes if) they'll stay in touch in the future. Friendless is an engaging and honest look at connection in the digital age. So come along for the ride as James tries to become Friendless.

Recent Episodes

What the hell is a boundary anyway? (a mini-update!)

Nov. 29, 2022

Hey sweeties! This week's a special mini-update from your pal Jimmy! He talks questions of boundaries, processing, healing, losing connections, and making little zines! It's a treat! Support the show If you like this show an…

David Sklar returns

Nov. 22, 2022

This week from out of the depths of the long lost season 1, your pal James welcomes back on the show actor, writer, and co-host of the podcast Bonjour Chai, David Sklar! Listen to Bonjour Chai here Sign up for the Friendles…

Carla Svensson calls in from Middle Earth!

Nov. 15, 2022

This week on a special episode of Friendless, your pal James Avramenko interviews accountant to the stars Carla Svensson. She retells her adventures in quarantine traveling to work in New Zealand, meeting Taika Waititi on a …

Holly Machado and advocating for the artist

Nov. 8, 2022

This week on Friendless, your pal James Avramenko interviews artist, advocate, and educator Holly Machado! Holly is a social service worked born and raised in Toronto. With a background in visual arts and education, she alwa…

Elle Nash and the wild world of Diaryland

Nov. 1, 2022

This week on Friendless, your pal James Avramenko interviews author Elle Nash. Elle's work includes Animals Eat Each Other, Nudes, and Gag Reflex. Check out all her writing and work on her website Follow Elle on Instagram or…

Welcome Back! (A re-introduction)

Oct. 25, 2022

Friendless is back with a brief recap of the sabbatical, along with an outline of future plans! If you've never listened before, this is a perfect jumping on point! Welcome! Hear about Long Covid's effects, the development o…

About the Host

James Avramenko

James Avramenko is the creator and host of Friendless. He is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in publishing, theatre, visual, and audio mediums. His work has been published in Geist, SledgeHammer Lit, and Monster Monthly. He dreams of someday writing movie novelizations.